4 Things to Consider About Your Dog's World.

1. Your dog should eat as good as you should.

Imagine if you were to eat McDonald’s everyday, how would you feel after a year? Maybe two or more even? Probably not your best. Now let's apply the same principle to your furry friend - imagine if you were to feed your dog processed kibble everyday, how do you think they would feel? It is from this thought that dog owners can build their knowledge upon and consider what they are feeding their dog. 

2. What do I feed my dog?

Doggy diets can be pretty simple but what should you feed them? Essentially, your doggy requires all the same nutrition as a human does - we are taught to eat a balanced meal that is comprised of wholesome natural foods - fruits, veggies, meats and grains. But what is the raw diet? Well it follows the exact same logic as above but instead of cooked meat, you are feeding your dog raw meat. 

3. Your dog will will love you no matter what.

Something remarkable about dogs is that they will love you no matter what you feed them and why they make the best friends. Because of this, doggy owners become responsible for choosing what is best for their furry best friend. There is no perfect formula for your dog, but we want to  encourage the importance to learn as you go so you can be better informed for whatever decision you may make for them. 

4. You are their companion for their whole life. 

Here is a simple saying to remember - your dog may only be there for part of your life, but to them, you are their whole world.