Our Story

“The relationship between owner and dog is beautiful, unique and should never be taken for granted”

As dog owners and lovers, we asked ourselves why we wanted to sell doggy treats when there are millions doing it already. We believe that ZorroDog's mission will set us apart as we focus on one thought - your dog deserves the best within your limits.

Your four-legged companion is an incredible creature - a source of compassion and acceptance, a ball of infinite energy. They make you better and love you no matter what and they will do so for their entire life. They will always gaze at you with their ageless puppy eyes that whisper "I love you" into your ear. 

ZorroDog hopes to help our community become aware of this dynamic between person and pet - your dog’s love is a responsibility and they trust you and believe in every decision you make for them. We hope that by being transparent with our doggy treats and informative about other products, we can be a resource for you and your dog to make the best decisions.