The Benefits of Apple

As the saying goes - an apple a day keeps the doctor away - and there is reason for that due to an apple’s many beneficial qualities.

It is an all-natural toothbrush

One of the more outstanding benefits of introducing apples to your dog’s diet is its ability to clean their teeth and keep their breath fresh. Due to an apple’s natural rough texture, a dog will be inclined to chew and as a result, the surface of the apple will rub against its teeth promoting the removal of harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Snacking on some apples combined with a good brushing will have your furry pal repping some pearly white teeth.   

A great source of vitamin A, C and fibre

Apples contain a healthy dose of fibre and vitamin A and C. Fibre is a trait that many fruits and vegetables contain so it is no surprise that apples are included on this list. Adding an apple to your dog’s diet will help keep your canine regular and promote a healthy digestive system. Vitamin A helps with maintaining a healthy and shiny coat while vitamin C promotes proper development of muscles and bones.

Just some precautions

There are some precautions with regards to your four-legged friend eating apples. First, the core and seeds must be removed. The core can pose as a choking hazard while the seeds contain cyanide which are poisonous in high amounts - a few seeds will not do much harm, but an accumulation of them is dangerous.